Need some clarification on Stock Price Checked project

Hi, i just started to work on the Stock Price Checker of the Information Security Projects and im not quite certain on some specifications.
First regarding the likes, “only 1 like per IP should be accepted”, does that mean its not possible for an IP to change its like to another ‘stock’? Also regarding passing two stocks and a like. Does that like add to both stocks or the one adjacent to the like parameter, or it has no effect?
Im also not sure on how to handle the async requests to DB and API. I understand there is a technology to put both simultaneously and continue callback once both are complete(instead of chaining them one after another, which would slow the process)? Im also hesitating how to call the API, is there any significant difference between fetch and the request package of Node?

I did a quick search on the forums regarding this project, but the topics lack responses

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