Input form nested to form element

Hey! I got an issue while trying to solve the beginer course. I don’t know how to nest the input element within the form element … can somebody help me ? I’m also new into programming so… :slight_smile:

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 <p>Click here to view more <a href="#">cat photos</a>.</p>

 <a href="#"><img src="" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back."></a>

 <p>Things cats love:</p>
   <li>cat nip</li>
   <li>laser pointers</li>
 <p>Top 3 things cats hate:</p>
   <li>flea treatment</li>
   <li>other cats</li>
 <input type="text">
<form action=""> </form> 

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Challenge: Create a Form Element

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Hi @antonio.grosu!

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<!--This is nesting-->

Don’t forget the placeholder in the input.

Here is the challenge that introduced “nesting” html elements:

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