Input height is not applying in my css!

I am working on my Portfolio Landing Page challenge and I can’t seem to modify the height of my inputs. What can I do?

here is a codepen edit:

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Hello @bogdanpavel500. You don’t need to adjust the height or width of the input elements using height and width properties. Instead, use padding property. If you just wanna adjust the height only, use padding-top and padding-bottom. Or, if you just want to adjust the width only, use padding-left and padding-right. You can also use the padding shorthand property and assign all direction’s value’s in it.

Happy Non-Stuck Coding!

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Agreeing with @paulsontech, but just in case you still want to set the height of your inputs (which can be preferable in some situations) - the reason your CSS isn’t working is the extra whitespace in your selector:

input [type="email"]{

Remove that space after input and it works.


There shouldn’t be space in this selector :wink:

// Wrong
input [type="email"] 

// Good 
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Yeah, thanks a lot. Now it works.