Inputs and lists


My question is if I use a list can I place inputs inside the list element?

Here is a example…

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Hi @CodingtheMatrix

Good question. I couldnt see the point though. But I look at HTML specification HTML specification. The Input Element and I saw this:
The following sample shows how a script element can be used to define a function that is then used by other parts of the document, as part of a classic script. It also shows how a script element can be used to invoke script while the document is being parsed, in this case to initialize the form’s output."

 function calculate(form) {
   var price = 52000;
   if (form.elements.brakes.checked)
     price += 1000;
   if (
     price += 2500;
   if (form.elements.turbo.checked)
     price += 5000;
   if (form.elements.sticker.checked)
     price += 250;
   form.elements.result.value = price;
<form name="pricecalc" onsubmit="return false" onchange="calculate(this)">
  <legend>Work out the price of your car</legend>
  <p>Base cost: £52000.</p>
  <p>Select additional options:</p>
   <li><label><input type=checkbox name=brakes> Ceramic brakes (£1000)</label></li>
   <li><label><input type=checkbox name=radio> Satellite radio (£2500)</label></li>
   <li><label><input type=checkbox name=turbo> Turbo charger (£5000)</label></li>
   <li><label><input type=checkbox name=sticker> "XZ" sticker (£250)</label></li>
  <p>Total: £<output name=result></output></p>

It seems you are onto something. :smile:
I hope that helsp you in some way.
Happy coding!

Hello sorry for the late reply. Yes that is exactly what I am talking about. You may be right though that this is really not needed. I was just thinking for styling purposes would it make much of a difference? Except the bullets I do like it within a fieldset it keeps everything neat.

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