Install and Require Helmet

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I’m totally NEWBIE at this subject and don’t know properly how to use repl. I’m stuck in the first challenge and cannot figure out what i supose to do or send to them. I cannot find the button “add package” or helmet in
“package.json” file.

I’m trying to send this link to the test

Thanks for your attention!

Challenge: Install and Require Helmet

Link to the challenge:

Hi @ebusinesstoken :wave:t2:

When you say NEWBIE do you mean just to Helmet or do you mean JavaScript and Node as well or just not familiar with Or put another way, have you gone through the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures and the APIs and Microservices curriculum?

Hey there,

packages in are on the left-circled in red, just click on that square to search, hit + to add.
Then you can see your packages in the of your HTML file.(click on blue circle to access your files)

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Mostrly to Helmet, and kinda to JS because a did only the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification.
I’m not familiar with or Node.
I thought that doing the JS certification was enough.

There is no blue square in my
What im doing wrong, or not doing?

Hey, do you see the image i attached above? Essentially there should be 4 options(buttons) on the top left once you open your repl. That box on the left of your - I circled it in RED (my bad, not blue) to show you - it’s just a button that brings up the package search bar, just type in what you want and it will search for that package for you.

Make sense?

i’ve made it !
I just made a new repo and imported from GitHub. Them i required it doing the hint from FreeCodeCamp.
Thanks for the help !