Install Python Module in MacBook in VS Code

I can’t “INSTALL PYTHON MODULES” on MacBook in ‘Visual Studio Code’ .
Please Guide Me…How to get this done. Thank You…

can you give more details? what happens? what do you expect to happen? what are you doing?

I can Install Module by typeing " pip3 install pyttsx3 " and it is also showing requirement already satisfied…
I am running Python File in Terminal…It is showing -->

ImportError: No module named pyttsx3

Are you using the same version of Python for both? What’s the command you are using in your terminal? python3

I am Just Clicking Run Icon on the top.

Ok, is the run icon using Python 2 or Python 3? It’s also possible you have multiple installations of Python 3?

It is Showing This

File “”, line 1
/Applications/ /Users/sunderbhagwani/Desktop/Python/
SyntaxError: invalid syntax