Instructions for setting up Sass

I found the Code Academy track on Sass to be helpful but I had trouble setting it up when trying it out outside of the Code Academy IDE. I eventually figured it out and decided to organize the steps in a blog post for future reference-

I also found that blogging helps me learn better by allowing me to organize my thoughts and I learn best by actively breaking steps to be as simple as possible. With that being said, I thought this blog might be helpful to other campers out there since the FCC Sass lessons are not up yet.

Also, I plan on blogging on more topics such as React and D3 as part of the learning process, so if anyone is interested in me posting these on here, let me know and I will.


Nice job, Mary.

If you would be interested in writing beginner tutorials for the FreeCodeCamp Medium publication, the details for contributing are below:

Hm I’ve been meaning to give this a try, thanks for the instructions! :slight_smile: