Interactive family tree viewer portofolio

Hello, please give your comment & feedback for my interactive family tree viewer, responsive for desktop & mobile browsers.

  • Use mousescroll/finger pinch to zoom in or out. Can be dragged.
  • Use the ‘Search A Monarch’ textbox to search any family members. For desktop users, there is an auto-complete function. For mobile devices you just type partial word (for example ‘King’, ‘Prince’, or ‘Meghan’, or even birth year) and klik the Find button; just keep pressing Find again until you get what you searched for.
  • Use the Reset button to reset zoom and position.
  • For complete information, click the available About button.

Built using d3.js

Hello, folks, please give opinion at least about the coloring. Is it OK? Can it be improved in any way?

Changed the link color to royal blue, does it match the lightblue background? Please comment, anyone…

My biggest issue with the app is the way it is presented on the site. Why does it not take up more of the empty white space on your site? The family tree is displayed about 1/3 of the way down on the page. Why not move it to the top and also have it expand full width of the browser? I also do not like that the user can almost drag the tree off any side (top, bottom, left or right) and have to reload the page just to get it re-centered. You need to put bounds so that a user can not accidentally drag the entire tree out of sight.

Sorry about that, it is a wordpress site, that is the basic setting for the wordpress theme i used (top menu used certain amount of pre-determined page proportion, the rest is for content). Every pages uses the same page template, and i’m still quite new at wordpress customization.