Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

Is it normal If I have to check the answers to almost every challenge of Intermediate Algorithm Scripting . Or am I lacking something and need to go back and revise until I am good enough to solve challenges completely myself.

I wouldn’t focus on whether that’s normal or not.

At which point are you usually getting stuck while trying to solve challenge?

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I read the question then mostly I am not able to visualise how it can be solved. Sometimes even if I do visualize a lil bit like - the solution has to use a for loop or the solution has to use .filter ,but I am not able to think of where and how to use .

Yeah, that can be hard sometimes. What might help is trying to split the whole task into smaller pieces. Another approach can be imagining how something would be done by hand, on a piece of paper.

Next time when you’d still be stuck after reading hints, choose the Ask for Help option to post on forums. If you include specifics what you thought about, we can help and give a push in right direction :slight_smile:

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Thank You So Much … I will make sure to apply what you said …:smiling_face:

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