Intermediate Front End Projects: Random Quote Machine

Hi there,

Would you mind taking a look at my random quote machine app, any comment or feedback is appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

There seems to only be a handful of quotes, because you hard-coded your own quote database instead of using an API, which I believe is what they wanted you to do. It looks nice but I wouldn’t say it’s functionally similar to the example. Nor would I say that it fulfills the user stories “new random quote” requirement.

Hi TLand,

Actually I did not get it that way, unlike the next project (Local Weather) where they tell you clearly to use an API, this project left it open, I guess.

Anyway, thank you for your comments.

Well done! I like the idea.
Now pair words about the design:

  1. images . Keep proportions of any image. It is very important.
  2. Text. Try to use any simple text. For example any sans-serif.
    I hope it will help you. :slight_smile:
    Let’s make the web better place!