Intermediate js Algorithm module is too much

It’s ridiculous, it’s expecting me to lookup stuff not taught when designing solutions…only for me to learn that the solutions to the logic doesn’t coincide with how javascript ‘works’…or creates solutions 5x+ more lines than it should. Dead ends and worthless code are what is being encouraged in this module.

Whenever I ‘get’ one…i go to the solutions and learn stuff i never learnt before and spend many more times the time trying to learn their solutions cause they use logic and methods not taught to date. So my solution is trash even tho i squeezed my head to get even that done. Meaning im hitting the solutions tab regardless of what i do or dont kno/do. Making me feel stupid for trying! Its like solving multiplication by long addition cause they never taught u how to do long multiplication! So really, ur left being an idiot for wasting ur time not going straight to the answer to learn the long multiplication.

Progress slowed from 1 module a day to 1 lesson a day…to less than that cause of this teaching style. Progress should feel consistent when learning the fundamentals! Not hours for 2 lines of code over and over!

There’s a profound misunderstanding between those teaching and learning anything with computers: they think things should be left cryptic to encourage the art of self-learning/taught culture. This is not what people learning want, and in response supposed teachers revel in such reflection! We want all the tools taught to us, handed to us and spelt out so we can memorize and wrap our heads around how we can solve things by doing simple exercises over and over. Then we want cryptic algorithm sections where we string blocks together and connect logic of each component together on our own.

Yet that doesnt happen and instead its a bunch of negativity expressed and spewed at eachother where teacher gets a new student and old student walks away. That’s just fundamentally wrong. If ur going to pretend to be a teacher/supporter u should recognize the inequality of the relationship and the frustration and stop with the smugness. The focus should be the same for both parties.

So we dont care, and we dont care to the one typing disagreement as they read the words. And we dont care about the disagreement TO the expected disagreement…if we can guess the replies, then the replies do not belong to a teacher or a supporter cause the focus is clearly not shared.

I’m sorry that you are having difficulty with coding algorithms.

Unfortunately, coding and algorithms are hard and they take time to learn. It’s not uncommon for me to spend a few hours getting one small segment of my code running as well as I need it to.

While it can be frustrating to solve a problem one way, only to learn that it can be solved another, faster and cleaner way, the process of learning how to solve the problem is valuable to becoming a professional coder. We are constantly solving and improving things.

We try to be clear in our challenges and educational material. If there are specific ways that you believe that we can be clearer in these challenges, please let us know!

As always, feel free to ask questions on the forum. We’re here to help!

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your solution works and that’s awesome

you are learning new stuff, learning to think in a completely different way!

algorithms are no more fondamentals, you went from basic syntax to actual algorithms, it is a great step up!

struggling is the way to learn, coding is difficult. It is a completely new language.

Yes, there are multiple ways to solve a thing, and if you look at the solutions you could find stuff you have not yet learned. That doesn’t mean that the solution is better, just because it is in the guide, solutions have been contributed by other students of freecodecamp.


It just took me 90 minutes to solve the Piglatin one just now

And again…it went according to the script. I was converting to an array and my code was checking each index of the array to see if consonants were there and then unshifting and popping the values to the end of the array. I had it working for the first 2 index. But To pass all the checks it needed to work for way more than 2 indices tho…so I gaveup and looked at the solution since ‘my way’ would have needed a ridiculously large number of if statements. And then I spent however long coming to terms with how their solution worked…leading to the grand total of 90 minutes. Personally I find it very impressive and prophetic how things continue to follow this script exactly.

Did you try reaching out the forum and getting hints before going straight to reading the solution? We try to help people build their own solutions.

Well, then you didn’t solve it you just looked at the solution.

I just looked at some old code I had laying around for this challenge and it is some ugly double nested for loop crap code. I even had to fix it because the requirements had changed since I wrote it. But I can tell it is code that was written by me to the best of my abilities at the time.

The first step to solving a solution is not to worry about the quality of the solution, that is just premature optimization, but to come up with a solution that works. Then you can worry about how you did it and try to refactor the code. In fact, solving the same problem using different methods is a great way to learn.

The fact that you care is a pretty good sign.

Making an online curriculum and teaching so many different things is really hard. Trust me, there is no ill will involved. Nobody is setting you up to fail or get a kick out of seeing you struggle.


It’s ridiculous, it’s expecting me to lookup stuff not taught when designing solutions…

It’s always advised that you study FreeCodeCamp alongside another course. Me i always make sure to study the CodeCademy equivalent for each subject before proceeding. Would make you more grounded as FreeCodeCamp involes a lot of “Read-Search-Ask.”

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