Into the Rabbit Hole -- Tribute, Weather & Random Quote App in a single page

Yeah, I went deep into the rabbit-hole… It was thinking “I wonder if I can add this thing, and this thing…” and pretty soon I end up with this.

You can move the different windows around, turn on/off windows, play videos, drag weather map into a new location, and read some quotes from SJ.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Wow that is really great. It looks cool and moving everything feels really smooth.

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I’m trying to understand a situation where I would need to know the weather, get a Steve Jobs quote, AND learn about an obscure British band. I’ll have to think on that. :wink:

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Looks like is down again… weather forecast not coming through.

Slick! A “desktop” full of “apps” would make a great portfolio page. It’d be interesting to see the menu bar working. Perhaps a semi-functional “browser” using iframes, too.

Rabbit hole indeed.


It’s like the old my yahoo homepages where you can add widgets

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That’s a good idea… never thought of that approach.

I think the calculator, various tic-tac-toe, pomodoro timer and simon says game will be great additions to my “desktop”

  • Added “Wikigle” to my portfolio… the wikipedia search engine/viewer.
  • Added Wikigle icon.
  • Added background music from the Tribute page
  • All window/frames can now be moved (including the weather map)
  • All window now are properly stacked over on top of one another, when you click and move it.