Intro to Javascript - FULL COURSE

This course teaches you the basics of JavaScript, the most popular programming language on the web. You can also try the interactive version of the course here:

The course contains 14 lessons and 7 challenges. In the challenges, you’ll be encourage to jump into the code and get your hands dirty. This is both fun and great for making the knowledge stick.

:star:️Course Contents :star:

:keyboard:️Data types
:keyboard:️Variables (1:45)
:keyboard:️Strings (4:11)
:keyboard:️Numbers (11:37)
:keyboard:️Booleans (16:41)
:keyboard:️Arrays (20:23)
:keyboard:️Objects (26:32)
:keyboard:️Arithmetic operations (32:43)
:keyboard:️Relational operations (34:31)
:keyboard:️Increment & decrement (40:20)
:keyboard:️If, else if, else (44:03)
:keyboard:️Switch statements (50:22)
:keyboard:️For loops (53:58)
:keyboard:️While & Do While (57:30)
:keyboard:️Functions (1:02:11)

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