Javascript beginner

good day to everyone seeing this i am learning javascript basic and so far i have been able to read through 90/111 but i cant confidently say i understand what i am learning because i havent started using it in project infact i dont know what to do with the ones i learnt

there should have been already a few challenges that ask you to put together the stuff you have learned, going forward it’s what you will need to continue, put together the basic elements to solve algorithms.
Functions, loops, arrays, string, objects… you need to learn how to use those.

Any project you may want to do with javascript, like an interactive web page, needs those as basics.
To make interactive webpage with javascript without using libraries or frameworks, you can googlr
DOM manipulation.

Still, you need to know those basics of functions, loops, arrays, objects, strings, if statements, comparisons etc
for that, I suggest you continue with the curriculum, going back to previous challenges or googling as needed if you don’t remember something