I don't understand the practical use to the codes I'm learning

I am brand new to coding. Like others, css and html were easy to get, but It feels like I’m missing something with javascript. I can do any of the challenges easily. I just don’t understand what any of it applies to or what I’m actually doing. I just type what it tells me and it passes but I don’t feel like I learned anything. I’m over 60 challenges into the javascript course now.

Shouldn’t I understand what these codes are used for by now?
Is there some kind of accompanying book or foundation that I should have before doing this course?

I think doing some coding challenges might help you put what you learnt into practice: for that you can check for sites that offer challenges like https://edabit.com/ for example. You can also watch people on YouTube explaining these concepts and working through examples.

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I think this is a very common problem that a lot of beginners face.

You are are the very beginning of basic javascript where you are learning the building blocks like loops, if/else statements, functions, etc.

But you haven’t been taught how it all works with HTML and CSS.

My advice would be to finish up the basic javascript section and then while you are going through the other sections slowly go through the javascript 30 course.

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@rtwoods88 After you start building your own projects you will understand what Javascript is used for. What you learned in the Javascript challenge section will come in very handy.

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