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I’m about 40% through the JavaScript lessons and I’m wondering at what point the lessons turn to explaining how all of this is used. I don’t mean to be critical, but just in terms of learning a new thing, it’s best when you can apply the knowledge (this was done really well throughout the Responsive Web Design lessons) and in this case I feel I’m just being given a million procedures which I have no concept of how, why or when to use.

Problem solving mostly.

Try to apply your knowledge on platforms like hackerrank or codingame. In my case all the things I learnt on freecodecamp helped with those problems

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HTML and CSS involve how a web page looks. Javascript involves how websites act.

Unfortunately though, you can’t really jump into using Javascript [competently] to make interactive applications without a fair amount of background knowledge.

The stuff you are doing now is building required knowledge and skills.

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Hi @rosiek !

Are you 40% through the first javascript section?
Or 40% through the entire javascript curriculum?

Because if it is the second option, then you can start going through these beginner javascript projects while finishing up the rest of the javascript curriculum.

If you are still going through the very first section of JavaScript, I would suggest finishing that up first.

That first section serves as the basic building blocks and without it, you won’t be able to build anything.

Hope that helps!


Thank you. Currently 40%-ish through the first chunk of lessons (first section, not full curriculum, I think). But thanks for this, I’ll make sure to take a look once I’m further along.

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