Introduce yourself Philly!

Hi All!

I wanted to start a thread for folks to introduce themselves to the group.

My name is Daniel, I’m one of the organizers of freeCodeCamp Philly. I started learning to code back in 2014 and got my first gig in the industry at P’unk Ave in 2015. I wrote about my transition from Music to Tech via Free Code Camp’s blog on Medium (Mornings, Nights, and Weekends)

I’ve had so many people help me along the way and love working with those on a similar journey.

Post a quick note about yourself and your involvement/goals with freeCodeCamp below.


Hi Daniel, my name is Patrick and I am in the Philly area I am transitioning from a career in sales to coding. I’ve used freeCodeCamp to learn HTML and CSS and did very will with it, but I am struggling with JavaScript. I will work through it. I am using multiple resources to to get the best understanding. Once I’ve learned JavaScript it’s my intention to learn Python, PHP and keep growing from there.

Coding is all I can think about. I show up for work an hour early so I can work on my coding when nobody is here. My goal is to become a full-stack developer

I would love to have an opportunity to network with people from the local area. I look forward to the day when I land my first job


Hey Patrick! That’s awesome, I had a similar transition back in 2015. Definitely come check us out at the next meetup if you can.

Hey yall,

My name is Michael, I am in the South Jersey area and I am apart of the UPenn Fullstack coding program. My main goal right now is to connect with people and land my first job as soon as possible as a junior developer. I wish I could go to a meet up but my classes are at the same exact times of the meetups! :upside_down_face:


Hi Daniel, Patrick, and Michael-

My name is Nick. I’ve worked as an IT Support Specialist in Conshohocken for the last 5 years, and I’ve decided just this past year that I want to make a big change, rather than continue on in the IT Support realm. I’m signed up for a full-time certificate program at Montgomery County Community College that begins this summer (

For the last 2 or so months, I’ve been going through Codecademy’s Intro to Javascript course for about 2 hours every morning. It’s definitely challenging me already, but I find that it’s pretty fun and enjoyable to learn. I must admit, though, that I’m having a lot of doubts about whether this is all truly for me.

@dkh215 - I really appreciated your Mornings, Nights, and Weekends article. Very insightful and encouraging. I’m trying to heed your call for getting involved in as much community as possible; therefore, looking forward to connecting with the Philly community soon.

All the best to everybody!



My name is Susan. I’ve been in Philly working in the food service industry for 11 years and am trying to transition into Tech. I first started learning how to code in 2015 by taking a short online course through Skillcrush. I absolutely loved it, but once the course was over, had no idea where to take it from there. I ended up starting a small food-related business with some friends, which was an awesome learning experience itself, but recently realized that I really want to pursue coding.

I love the type of problem-solving involved; it feels like food for the brain. I think that my biggest obstacle pursuing this dream is my shyness and inexperience with networking, so I’ve decided to make it a priority for me to get involved with the coding community, especially here in Philly.

I work on Saturdays, so probably won’t be able to make it to many of the meetups, but hope to connect with y’all here in the meantime! Right now I’m finishing up the Responsive Web Design Projects and am excited to build a portfolio.

Thank you, @dkh215 , for starting this Philly forum!

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Hello Everyone! My name is Ryan and I am also enrolled in the UPenn coding bootcamp. I’ve owned my own cleaning business for the past 6 years and changing careers into tech. I’m also a Commiteeperson and work with a PAC that educates urban millennials on the benefits of being civically engaged citizens. I plan on getting a job initially, but I’m entrepreneurial spirited and will work on my own projects as well. I look forward to meeting everyone in the near future.

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Hi all,

My name is Keaton Palmer and I’m living in Newark, DE.

I’ve been in IT for 5 years mainly doing help desk support, but for the past few months I’ve been dedicating a lot of time into learning web development after hours. I’ve dabbled in it before for bits and pieces at a time, but never really diving into it and only putting about a single weekend into it before moving onto something else. I’ve really been enjoying focusing on something productive and learning so much every day.

I also have been documenting some of my learning on instagram, doing the #100daysofcode challenge. You can find me here.

Looking forward to hopefully working with some of you at some point on something! :grinning:

I’m not going to be able to make it on June 1st. My daughter is taking the SAT that day. I joined the MeetUp group and I intend to be there for the next one.

Hi Susan. I work in sales but I hate networking. What works for me is to just show up and talk to people. In this case you’ll be meeting like-minded people who are in the same situation and only want to help you.

Hey Philly,

I am Tom Porvaznik and I have been steadily plugging away at the Free Code Camp curriculum since Summer 2019. I have completed the first four certificates and absolutely love the Free Code Camp curriculum for the structure it provides to my learning. I tried learning front-end development a couple years ago on codeacademy, but failed to progress beyond tutorials. Between the free code camp curriculum and the awesomely kind folks at freecodecamp philly meet ups, I have been able to move beyond tutorials.

I recently joined the 100daysofcode challenge to give me the final push to finish the next two certificates. You can follow my progress on twitter @tomporvaz . I gain more and more excitement with each new skill I learn, and I always seem to find one more thing I need to learn to put a full project together.

Please reach out if you have any questions, or need help on any of the freecodecamp challenges. I haven’t been able to make any meetups lately, but I am happy help virtually.

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Thanks, Patrick! It’s nice to see that this is a pretty supportive group. I hope I can make it to one of the study groups soon.

Hello Philly,

My name is Rachel. Right now I’m a full-time student in Health Care Studies and working in food service, but I am interested in learning coding as a side skill and hopefully use it to support myself and my family while I’m in school. I try to dedicate 1 - 2 hours a day to the curriculum here, and so far I’m liking what I’ve been learning the last few weeks. I’m looking forward to joining your Meetup group and getting some more insight from fellow members.

Are your Meetups always on Saturday mornings or do the days/times vary?


Hi Rachel! For now Meetups will be the first and third Saturday of every month.

Daniel, is the next meetup this Saturday then, the 15th? I didn’t see it posted on Meetup.



Hey Patrick! We’re going to have to reschedule as many folks are out of town but will post the next meetup date this week.

Hello Philly friends!

My name is Dave and I have been programming off and on for a few years now. I go through ups and downs with my learning because of life getting in the way… or, y’know, lack of confidence. I keep grinding through because I want to get some personal projects up and running

I love learning, and I also love helping others with constructive criticism or pointers, if I know how to solve a problem. Please, reach out if you need some help! I also just signed up for the Meetups, so hopefully I’ll be able to make one soon.

Good luck y’all, happy coding!

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My name is Courtney and I my goal with freeCodeCamp is to learn a few more programming languages in order to make my resume a little fuller. I am currently working through the Responsive Web Design Projects.
I am definitely interested in attending a Study Hall and joined the meetup.

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