Introduction to Currying and Partial Application.....program.exe not working

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I didn’t understand difference between partial and currying functions. Can somebody explain it to me ?

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function add(x) {
  // Add your code below this line
  return function(y) {
    return function(z) {
      return x + y +z;
  // Add your code above this line

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Currying is taking a function of multiple arguments and converting it into a function of one argument. Partial application is when you call such a curried function and get back a function expecting more arguments. For more detailed info, including some examples, see this SO answer:

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Thanks for the link, that improved my understanding.

Does that mean Partial functions can include curried function as it’s innermost argument ?

For that adder example you posted that takes three arguments, the first two functions you get back would be considered curried, and the last one a normal function from a number to a number. That’s mathematically speaking, anyway; in terms of programming, it’s all just plain functions, which can always take another function as an argument or return other functions. It’s a fun programming pattern to play with, and can bend your brain into funny shapes :slight_smile:

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