Invalid Regular Expression Error Issue

Hello freeCodeCamp Team,

Apparently there’s a problem occurring when using freeCodeCamp in Safari browser, a few users (including me) can’t complete any challenges or lessons because we keep getting the Invalid Regular Expression Error. I tried with Chrome and it worked just fine.


I don’t know what exactly is happening but because there are several people having the same problem I am afraid that FCC developers are playing with tests for your courses and added something what is not supported on Safari web browser. Please try another browser for now.

Hi all. A recent update to the test suite has an issue with Safari compatibility. We’re working on it, but until a fix is pushed, I recommend using another browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Edge.

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Thank you for informing us!

We have reverted the commit that is causing the trouble while looking for another approach to solve the original bug that this commit was introduced to fix:

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