Ionicons CDN trouble [SOLVED]


Has anyone used this? I’m trying to use it, but can’t get it to work, look through the GitHub account and its not helpful. I don’t see what I’m doing wrong here, really doing my head in.

What is it not doing that you want it to do?

Just to show the icons that I’ve tried to use in the HTML

	<i class = "icon ion-home"></i>
	<i class = "icon ion-social-instagram"></i>

When I look at the css file, it assumes you have image files stored locally, so it appears you can not just link to the CDN to make them work. See github repository for more info.

Fine, it has a CDN link on the site so assumed it would work, I will just try something else i suppose, thanks.

Fontawesome is, er…awesome!

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Finally! I just solved it, needed to put the below in the link tags and it now works fine

rel = "stylesheet"