Can you please review my Portfolio Page project?




  • Social media buttons: There are some at the bottom of the page (i.e., LinkedIn, GitHub, and CodePen).
  • Captions: You got me. I’m still playing with them :slight_smile:.
  • Circles: I cannot seem to find a way to make them smaller. They have this class “img-responsive” which makes them adjust to any screen size changes which is great, but they become too big. Is there a way to limit their size without sacrificing their responsiveness and horizontal alignment?
  • Question: Is it a normal practice to use border-width thinner than 1px (e.g., 0.1px)?

I appreciate you taking the time to review it.

Thanks! :+1:

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That’s how I’m seeing it. Your browser may be blocking “Font Awesome”. Do you happen to know why?

Do you happen to know if there is an alternative for “Font Awesome” not blocked by ad blocks?

I’ve just searched for alternatives to Font Awesome and stumbled upon Ionicons (url). This has seemingly resolved the issue. I have Adblock Plus running and I’m still able to see the icons. Can you confirm the same at your end?


Can you please try one more time? I may have identified the issue.

Okay, so here is why the icons were blocked in the first place. There was a class .socialMediaIcon assigned to those i elements. It looks like Adblock scans html and blocks out all the elements containing certain keywords.

P.S. One icon is still being blocked, though. Apparently, it doesn’t like LinkedIn. :smile:

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Most icon fonts seem to employ social network names as part of their naming convention for classes (e.g., “icon ion-social-linkedin”). I guess it is safer to use SVG icons then.

That solves the problem. Props to you. :+1:t2:

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Hi I’m new here, I thought your page reacted quickly. Your social media buttons were visible and I liked the way you let your personality show with invite on social media. I was disappointed that there weren’t more projects to see; I’m sure you are working on it. Thank you for sharing!

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Yes, I’m still learning a lot to make sure there will be more projects to see :man_technologist:t2:. Thank you for taking the time to review it; much appreciated. :+1:t2:


Looks nice. One point: you can use gradient backgrounds with CSS3 instead of a relatively large PNG file (8.3 MB) for <div id="section1">. Also you can use background-repeat with a 1px-width image file.

Happy coding!


Great points!

Fixed :slight_smile:

I had to pay attention to its size in the first place. I’ll definitely use a gradient background or background-repeat going forward. I would like to create something similar to this pen (click Login).


Wow, your portfolio looks beautiful, @zreticulan .

I am a fan of minimalist design and the “less is more” approach too. Love the font choice and the navigation is very smooth. On my browser it is scaling down well to smaller screen size. Like others said, I’d love to see some more projects on that front page. Amazing work, keep on going!

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Thank you so much, @mairamartinsk! Your review has encouraged me a lot. :sunrise_over_mountains:

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Gotta be real here. This is the first portfolio that I’ve seen here that actually looks somewhat professional. Good job with the design.

However, it seems pretty bare. Minimalist design doesn’t have to mean minimalist content. Talk more about yourself. Your about section is 10 words.

Also, your ROT-13 app could use a lighter font color for the placeholder text. It’s pretty hard to read and someone with a visual impairment might not see it at all.

But this is still honestly the best portfolio design I’ve seen on FCC.

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I’m still working on it; that’s why there is so little content. Yes, using that placeholder was a bad idea in the first place. You’ve made my mind to fix it and now it looks much better.

I appreciate your valuable feedback, @alexLOLwhat!

Thank you :+1:t2: