Some help with Portfolio

Hey guys I just finished the first draft of my portfolio. Everything appears the way i want it on codepen on my computer but when I look at it on my phone it is missing my font awesome icons that link to my different social media pages. They appear when I have it on the computer but not on the phone :confused: Any ideas? thanks.
My portfolio

Hmmm…your font-awesome icons are working for me on mobile (iOS 10), but there are some weird overlaps all over the page on mobile and desktop:

Thanks Jacksonbates. That’s really weird. It isn’t doing the overlap thing on any of my devices. I’ll have a look at it again tomorrow and see if I can fix it. I appreciate you checking it out.

This is on Chrome on Android 6.0:

P.S. Social network icons are displaying.

I realize what is wrong. I’ll have to try to fix it in the morning. Thanks guys for the comments. I have a main image you all aren’t seeing because it is save in my gmail and not actually on another server. I can see how it isn’t supposed to look on my phone and computer because I am connected to my gmail but can’t see it on my husband’s phone for that reason. Whoops:sweat_smile:.

Ok I think I fixed it. I’ll look at the h2 tags and see if that is still causing problems when it is not 4 in the morning:sleeping:

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After a quick look, it seems fixed to me. :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks again for the help.