Is FCC using ES6?

I’m at the basic JS lesson, I want know if FCC use ES6 for build app.

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It’ll work, but it’ll throw a warning.

Like Chad said, it’ll work fine with ES6. I’m currently using ES6 by transcoding via Babel to ES5 to avoid errors. So I’m writing in ES6, but submitting my work in ES5. Are you using build tools (e.g. Gulp, Babel, ESLint, Cloud9) or are you just writing ES6 in the FCC exercise pages?

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FCC does not use a transpiler like Babel, so whether ES6 is supported depends on your browser. You’re fine if you have Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Safari and all versions of IE before Edge will not work.

To suppress the warnings, add this line to the top of your code:

// jshint esversion:6

What I do is I code in ES5 and submit ES5 code on Free Code Camp, but then in my developer notebook, I transpile ES5 to ES6 using Lebab. Occasionally when I do use ES6 initially (or possibly a mix of 5 and 6), then I use Babel to transpile to ES5 and then submit to the FCC editor. But I do store my code in ES6 so I can reference it and continue to learn it. Babel is great, but Lebab is even greater. You should check it out.

The basic lesson and all code are in ES5… ES6 is gaining traction (angular 2). I have a good working knowledge ES5 and converting to ES6 while some new concepts are different, they just take a little bit of playing around with to get it. The real gotcha will happen on backend certs with node.js and it’s lts verson’s dislike of ES6.

Cool github project. I’ll have to check out Lebab when I have some free time. In the mean time I code in ES5 and ES6 interchangeably. I use ESLint with Airbnb style guide to catch code that should be rewritten in ES6.

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ESLint looks really cool. I’m going to start playing with it. Thanks for sharing Carl!

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Yup, it is very cool, combining gulp, babel, eslint, and Airbnb rules together simplifies a lot. All you have to do is type ‘gulp’ and your code will transpile to ES5 and ESLint will notify any part of your source code that needs to be rewritten into ES6.

Excuse me, @j7an thank YOU for sharing ESLint. I’ve checked it out, and love it. I also have been using Lebab alot, and they are great at picking up errors and giving hints as to how to fix them. Babel does this as well, but my experience thus far has been better with Lebab for whatever reason.

Great Answer, thanks.