Beta ES6 ready?

Hello, I was looking into the beta FCC as it has been updated to ES6 and ideally I would like to dive into that, got a decent knowledge of JS so far. But as it is beta, I am wondering how far along is it? Are the tests accurate?
And is it worth while to try it now, or wait till out of beta?

As I understand it, most of the “work” for the scripting/algorithm challenges is done in the browser and not on the backend, so as long as your browser supports ES6 you should be fine. In fact I’m pretty sure you can use ES6 notation in the non-beta version as well – lint notifications may pop up but the tests should still pass.

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  1. Beta is still beta, so there is likely that you might run into bugs. These could include tests running incorrectly. If you choose to be a beta user, please help QA by opening Issues.
    If you’re interested in being a beta tester (or just seeing what is coming) check out this forum thread. Here is a brief explanation of the decision to wait for a single large release.
    When will then be now?

  2. As @fentablar said, you can us ES6 in the code editor on FCC: here’s how

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just to clarify – or rather, to make sure I’m clear and not understanding incorrectly – tests running incorrectly in the beta wouldn’t necessarily be due to using ES6 notation, rather it would be something wrong with the tests (i.e., using pre-ES6 would likely fail as well); further, that you don’t have to add the “jshint” line in the live version for ES6 notation to pass live version tests, you could simply choose to ignore the lint notifications pertaining to the fact that you’re using ES6 (see post from @P1xt here).

Do I have that right, more or less?

That all sounds right to me. I think that the linked forum thread does also have some information about getting your browser to work with ES6 if it isn’t supported. I’ll admit that I just skimmed it though.

Thank you, might dip my feet into the ES6 stuff. And just general beta content, always happy to help out raising bugs also.