Is there EcmaScript 6?

Hello FreeCodeCamp Community,

Im currently doing the challenges related to the front end developement (javascript). But I was wondering is there challenges related to arrow(lambda) function or promises or const/var… the new additions to JS I mean.

Thank you for the help!

There are ES6 challenges in the new curriculum, which FCC’s team of volunteer contributors are working hard to get ready for release. You can take a look at what they will be at

yes I entered it yesterday, but it has a major problem if you click on Finish Challenge it will give a Message

Something went wrong, please try again later

and if you click more than once the messages stack above each other.

That’s why it’s still in beta. It’s not ready.

out of curiosity, can I also contribute?


What version of javascript is in the challenges?

The current challenges do not teach any of the new ES6 features. What will work in your browser depends on what your browser supports. Putting /*jshint esversion: 6 */ at the top of the editor will stop it from flagging syntax errors for ES6 features.

Oh no I understood that, I meant what version of JS is it

I don’t understand the question. The challenges do not currently cover anything that is new to ES6 or anything that was deprecated in ES5.