Can't understand ES6 challenges! Please Help

Hey Guys,
I finished the basic javascript challenges from FCC and even got the basics covered from Colt Steele’s Udemy course.
But, now i am stuck on ES challenges. It feels like a whole new language with all the arrow function and destructuring. I can’t decide what to do now.
Please guide me with your views.

I recommend practicing with any concepts or features that you find confusing.

I know that may appear to be an overly simplistic answer, but it truly works for me.

For example -
I found Promises to be confusing. So I just played around with different implementations until the light bulb went off.

Hands on is the best way to understand something supplemented by further reading and research.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks for reply.
Btw, can i afford to postpone learning ES6 challenges for now and come back to it later afterwards.

Just keep at it. There was a time when HTML, CSS, and JavaScript didn’t make sense to you, either. Practice, practice, practice, and it will come.

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Think arrow functions as the new nameless functions.

Or as otherwise commonly found in CS literature, “lambda” functions.

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Just keep persistent. It will soon be you No. 1 choice when writing code because it makes life so much easier than ol’ good JS. When you’re confident in your ES6, go ahead and look what’s been improved and added to ES7 and ES8 :slight_smile: It also has lots of benefits. Just open node environment in your terminal and have a blast with some code :wink:

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When you get to the libraries section of using React, ES6 is used quite a bit, so you will have to learn it at some point, so you might as well learn it now.

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Go back to older challenges using functions and try to do them with arrow functions.

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