ES6 Chapter too soon?

so i followed though the first chapter and into es6 now i understand why it is where it is but it kinda feels like its been plonked onto the end without reviewing what we have been taught so far for instance i havnt done anything with ‘this’ keyword or consturctors and 2bh i cant really remember using many higher level functions / callbacks im obviously using youtube and the documentation mozzlia has to learn these things now.

so as it stands i feel like ive learnt the new way of doing stuff which i never learnt how to do so the code alough follows the correct syntax i dont understand what its there to achive obviously some bits of missing infomation are easyer to gather in but are these things taught in another chapter and would it make sense maybe to link these together for people who want to be able 2 follow the reasoning behind what there doing or am i just missing something here?

The initial ES6 challenges have been reworked slightly in the latest version of the curriculum in order to introduce the higher order functions. There are still a few gaps, but at this point there is some expectation that you read some additional javascript tutorials elsewhere if you find yourself confused (I’d say the intro text should probably mention this).

I’d recommend Eloquent Javascript as a good tutorial resource.

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thanks for the reply, i agree just a simple 1 liner saying some challenges may require outside research would of stopped me hitting brick walls and thinking the infomation is somewhere in what ive already learned and im messing up / not learning anything(extreme but i get stressed easy) by this point going back into basic javascript to find something which isnt there is very frustating as there was alot of infomation there already (so it would be easy 2 forget sum)

i have the second addition of that book in the house hopefully that is up to date enough to include es6.