ES6 for beginners, free course (work in progress)

Hi campers, my name is Alberto and I’m currently writing a series of guides / tutorial on ES6. I am by no means an expert, I’m actually studying ES6 right now and as I progress, I’m writing short blog post to explain how each new feature works.

As Feynmann said:

if you can’t explain something in simple terms, it means you don’t understand it

That’s why I decided to write down and try to explain things as I am learning them.

I’m currently at part 5 (out of 10 /12 probably) of my ES6 course which you can check it out here on my blog or if you prefer Medium this is the first part

Once completed I am going to bundle everything up and make it available for free as a nicely formatted pdf so I would really like to receive some feedback to improve the quality of my guides.

I plan to finish writing in a couple of weeks, as I am currently working (sadly not in the programming field) and I don’t have much time.

Thank you for your attention, if you like my posts you can follow me on Medium or on my blog to stay up-to-date with the progress of the course.


Hi @AlbertoMontalesi!
This is a great idea! If you need some help in organizing some contents or courses I would be glad to give you something of my background.
I am a beginner, but I can help in every subject you need.
Good morning, Mattia