ES6 Course for Beginners

Hey guys, here’s a great course I found on Youtube to quickly explain what is new in ES6. I’ve had trouble finding a good, concise, and free resource for ES6, but this course has really been helpful for me.

The course is about 1h 20m in total and covers:
Babel and compiling
let and const
Classes and inheritance - great if you are learning React right now (like me)
Template literals
String and number methods - some really useful stuff here
Default params and spread operator (…)
Set, Map, WeakSet, WeakMap
Arrow functions - what I originally set out to properly learn

I recommend following this guy’s channel too, he makes a LOT of coding videos and courses for different things. I’m not affiliated with him in any way, if anyone is wondering - just a fan of his videos. Enjoy!


Thnks. Have been noticing more and more ECMA6 coding in these posts. Don’t want to fall behind.

That was my issue too, I’m comfortable in JS before ES6, but these days I’m finding it harder to understand code provided by others, and just copying/pasting it without understanding wasn’t helping me learn. Time to get with the times, I guess!

I was also having trouble with React, understanding why I need to use things like arrow functions, super(), etc. Feeling like it’s a little less of a black box now.