Is ES6 needed to complete?

Hey, I do find ES6 on FFC a bit hard. Is it any way to get it into my head? Also, is it needed to complete continue on the other parts of the course?

the only part you need to complete is the 5 projects at the end of each certificate curriculum

that said, ES6 is the current syntax used, so if you don’t understand at least let, const, arrow syntax, spread operator, rest operator, object and array destructuring
you may find yourself a bit lost, as it is used pretty widely now

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Well, I do understand Let, const, arrow function. But I don’t quite understand the meaning with spread, rest or destrucuring of arrays and objects. Any other resources you can recommend for learning it/understanding it?

Honestly, MDN is a great resource. They have interactive examples for a lot of their explanations that you can fiddle with yourself. And if you can narrow down exactly where you’re getting confused, a few million people on freeCodeCamp are happy to help talk it out.


Great. I’ll take a look at the MDN resource. Also, I just watched a video for spread, rest etc. So I’ll try out a bit myself. I’ll come back If I’m stuck. Thank you FCC! :heart:

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