Just finished learning basic Javascript. I will not move on to ES6 just yet

I want to spend time reviewing and drilling it in. I will just do a bunch of projects first. Luckily I was able to find some projects. I just did Ania Kubow’s tetris game tutorial. That was fun and OK enough. But this “build 15 projects-Vanilla Javascript course” seems to be OK and what I really needed to reinforce things.


Congratulations on completing you basic Javascript. :slight_smile:

There is not much point in waiting. ES6 is just JS and you won’t find any code written within the last 5 years that isn’t using some part of it. I would be very surprised if the tutorials you were looking at didn’t use some of the things that are taught in the later parts of the curriculum.

The ES6 section was created long ago (ES6 is from 2015) it doesn’t contain anything special that you need to wait to learn. If the curriculum was made today the things taught in the ES6 section would just be part of the basic section and other sections. Some of its content was already moved to the basic section, like the const and let parts which used to be in the ES6 section.

Your overall plan of learning JS through practical projects is a good one. But that shouldn’t stop you from progressing through the curriculum.


If it can be built without the new stuff, might as well take the time to have a good foundation first. After that, everything else can be understood rather quickly. That is my approach.

ES6 isn’t “new stuff” anymore. ES5 and earlier is “old, out of date stuff”.

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Your choice, but I’m pretty sure the idea you have of learning what you already know over and over again is just blocking you from moving forward.

There is no point in trying for perfection. You will forget stuff anyway and have to relearn it and look up information. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it.

There is nothing in the rest of the curriculum you can’t learn now and it won’t diminish what you have already learned.

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I understand.
Anyways, the reviews will not take long for me to do. There isn’t a LOT in the basics. The man in the video clearly stated that there will not be any ES6 in the code for these projects. I should be done in a week or two then I will move on to the other stuff.

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That video is from 2020. It will have ES6 in it.

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Doing all those projects is a great idea and you should totally do it.

That isn’t what he said. He said he will not use arrow functions and a few other ES6 features. But he is using ES6 features. let and const is an ES6 feature and so is template literals. Both of which I see in the code by looking at it briefly.

The point isn’t that you have to learn everything that was introduced in ES6, the point is to learn all the neat and handy stuff that will help you write better and cleaner code.


Anyway, like I said, doing the projects will be a great learning experience. Happy coding!


I see. I got it. I will move on to ES6 shortly. Thank you for your feedback.

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ES6 makes javascript much better in my opinion. Don’t wait.

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