Question: Finished the Basic Javascript Section

Now that I’ve finished it, there are only a couple of sections that I don’t quite understand. I RSA’d and when I found a solution, walked myself through the code and commented to help work out the logic, but I still have the feeling that it hasn’t quite clicked.

However, I understand the basic concepts, and I know I should be able to find an answer SOMEWHERE.

My question is, is it very important to understand all of the basic concepts 100%? Is there something else I should be doing, other than just going straight to the ES6 challenges?

You need to know that you can do those things, you don’t have to remember how, but you need to know how to search documentation on them so to be able to find each time the how (the remembering will come with time the more you use things)

But, just an heads up, the ES6 will require a lot of RSA from you, a lot more than everything you have done till now.

You can do it! (Or return to it later - even that is totally fine)

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totally agree with leahleen.

Now it is time for practice, trials and errors, and everytime you don’t quite understand, go back to the lessons, look for it on the documentation ( and come back here if you’re stuck :wink:

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Hey, thanks! I’m also working through TOP things as well so I don’t get burned out doing too much of one thing, and I’m also hoping that it helps give me more opportunity to get more reading in. I tried doing all of this before a while ago, and the lack of understanding really got me down. :sweat_smile:

Another thing I didn’t think of doing was just coming back and working on a concept again. D’oh! Thanks!

if you need different exercices, you can use these platforms. They helped me a lot in getting a bit more ‘fluent’ in javascript

free of charge if you create an account, varried exercices, lot of video support, the guy doing that is quite good imo

practice your skill with challenges from beginner to confirmed
take up a coding challenge against other pple on a random question

I love codingame, really relates to my videogame addict personnality :smiley:

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Holy crud! Thanks!!! :sparkles:

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And for later, when you would like to do more Algorithms, you can check the coding interview preparation section, or also I am really liking