Order to complete FreeCodeCamp:

I’ve just got the second JS section of the coding challenges (ES6) and I feel like some of the challenges are way too advanced, using parts of JS that haven’t been explained yet. Can anyone recommend a good way to learn all of the sections in a more easy-progressing order?


which part in ES6? is it var vs let? The way I did it was to peek the hints (not the spoilers).

I want a spoiler. I am in ES6.

Hey @Creasey97,

I’m also currently studying the ES6 part. I highly recommend you not to stick with only a single source.
How I am studying with FCC is that first, I’m trying to solve the challenges, and then I research websites for the topics.
Besides, I’m also reading a whole book about JS at the same time.
I guess it would be better for you to have several study resources if you want to have a better understanding also. Studying with the only freeCodeCamp can cause some lack of profound knowledge.

Sure with each lesson here there are allot of youtbers also solving the challengers onto FCC. I would recomend you go find one you like :slight_smile: it also did help for me to write things out onto pen and paper