Is it just me or the order is not right!

okey, i used freecodecamp 2 years ago to start learning javascript basically, it was so fun and so helpful, i almost learned all the basics just from here and one of the hings i liked was the order, since everything you see in a challenge is built on other stuff you already learned before (at least until you hit API and AJAX).

now i back to try the new version and certificates, i appreciate the improvement in many things like the interface and the more detailed certificate and so on.

but one thing i didn’t like (or i didn’t understand) is in the javascript after you learn the Basic Javascript you dive into ES6, but in ES6 you find a lot of things that you didn’t see in Basic Javascript especially stuff like methods (map, filter, reduce …) and some object oriented programming.

fortunately for me i already know all that stuff and it was easy passing all that, but for a beginner i think it will be so hard to continue.

please share you opinions about that.

I half feel like FCC throws them to the lions known as “search on google for documentation”, but some people don’t know to do a google search first, or even know what the heck documentation is.

Idk, maybe I’m wrong.

that’s exactly what i think too, there is a good side in that in my opinion to force people to search more.
but i also think the amount of information being ignored is a little too much, i didn’t complete ES6 challenges yet so i’m not sure if they will catch later or not.

Or, they’ll immediately post to the forums for help. Not that’s bad, but I don’t know if they did the second part of read-search-ask.

I was a beginner once, and I know it can be very difficult to even come up with the right question to ask. I am going through the JS curriculum because unfortunately the JS course I took wasn’t too beginner friendly but after building a few projects, going thru a lot of struggle and asking for help, things are finally “clicking”. So I decided to refresh and strengthen my knowledge by completing the JS curriculum.

What I’ve seen so far is that for a complete beginner, some of these lessons might be too hard because sometimes not enough information is provided. I remember one of the lessons using a function and parameters before explaining what even a function is. For someone with 0 experience with JS something like that could be extremely confusing.

I’m glad I gained some experienced and learned some of the basics before going through this curriculum, because I don’t think it’s too beginner friendly, but excellent for people who already grasped the basics.