Is Firebase is good replacement for MongoDB?

My React.js course that I bought on Udemy has a Firebase component which prompts this question. Is Firebase a good equivalent or even replacement for MongoDB for most web dev work?

I haven’t used firebase so I couldn’t tell you for sure, but it appears as if Firebase is strictly cloud hosted; whereas mongoDB could run on a local environment. You’re probably going to be provided more options out of the box with firebase.

There are DaaS (Database as a service) platforms for mongoDB specifically, check out

I incorporate their FREE sandbox environments quite often with my node projects.

i tried firebase and i like it … but didnt really spend much time on it as had other things to do … seems easy to plug into a project … i tried it out in a vue practice project … down side for me is i found querying it hard but in saying that i will probably have the same problem with any database as i have no real practice with databases yet … only have basic setup with mongoose on my localhost for practicing signups and logins.
you will have to read up a bit on it as it is setup for speed by sacrificing other things … requires a flat structure not a deep nested structure so some querys you would do on other databases might not be possible on firebase or require more thought put into your database layout. Overall though i will go back and look at it again i would think for the type of projects we do on freecodecamp it would be a very good choice. Hopefully someone with more experience with firebase adds a comment as i would definitely be interested in more views on it.

I’ve used both and they both have their advantages.

The main advantage of firebase is that it is easy to quickly set up a backend. In fact, I have used it as a replacement to a regular backend when I had to build a prototype for an app but didn’t know how to do the backend. There are also a lot of other tools you can plug to it.
However, for people who want to use it for a real application (for example, most employers), it can get costly, and it really locks you up to that service. If ever firebase changes their prices or services, it’s really hard for a large project to leave.

MongoDB is much more flexible. As far as marketable skills go, I don’t think firebase is a good substitute for knowing how to build a backend from scratch with mongoDB.

Of course there’s no harm in trying both.