Firebase? PostgresSQL? Can't choose a database for my app

I am trying to choose a database to go with my project and have been recommended to use Firebase. From what i have seen i wouldn’t have to build a backend (I am using React Native, Node) but as this is for a course project i am not looking to go the easy route. The app will just have a chat / forum facility, review system and nothing complicated. Would Firebase significantly cut down on the amount of code i have to write? Is it worthwhile in terms of the extra functionality i would be able to include?

Hey @james_g2001,

Firebase is a NoSQL database, which means the data stored is not relative and doesn’t have a structure, while PostgreSQL is a SQL database, which means it’s a relative database and it has structures. Both have their ups and downs, but for your case, Firebase would be sufficient, because you do not have to structure the data into categories. Here’s a link to how you would setup Firebase: