POSTgre, MSSQL, MySQL which should i choose?

Hello everyone,
I have aome problem there. Which type of database program should i choose for web development? Sure i’m a begginer. Give me advice

It depends what your backend language is and what you are most familiar with. MySQL is commonly used with PHP and WordPress and is pretty easy to learn for beginners. MongoDB is the preferred database for Python and Node.JS; however, like I said before you can really use whatever you like. Furthermore, Firebase by Google is becoming extremely popular especially with a lot of front-end frameworks like React and Angular. But again, you can use WHATEVER database you please as long as you can find the appropriate APIs and such.
Also, each database has specific pros and cons. For example Amazon Web Services is great for storing files and Firebase has a really easy to use authentication system. But MySQL is a great true-and-true database that involves real query requests and lots of configuration especially with encryption and defining table cells.
TL;DR: Use whatever you want as long as you know how to connect it to your backend/frontend language.

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Thanks for your advice. :smile: