Database choice

I have tried to search the forums for this one but can’t really find a good topic on it.

I am currently building a website that centers around a calendar and activity cards. When a user presses one of the cards, it should display in the calendar which days this activity was performed.

In order to store this information, I need a database in order to store:

  • Login information, the users should be able to login to the page in order to keep track of their progress.
  • Their activities, every time an activity is marked on a specific date on the calendar it should be saved in the database. A user can have many activities and perform it at different levels.

I am however completely lost on what database approach to choose for this. I know HTML, CSS and JS and the site I’m currently building on is hosted with node.js and express (I only know the basics of these two as this is my first time using them). My main concern is what database I should choose for this and why. I have a little knowledge about SQL (I’ve been using SQL Server a few times at work) but really want to choose what’s best for the project as well as something that I can use for future projects as well. SQL based? NoSQL? Firebase? There’s so much that my head is going dizzy just trying to find a good first step for this while also combining it with user authentication that I need for this.

Do anyone have some guidelines for me to start at? Some links to help me out? Some do’s and don’ts in this situation? I’m grateful for any advice I can get. Thanks for reading all the way through!

You can achieve the goal using any of the Databases mentioned by you.
Although, each of them have some differences , pros and cons.

As you have some experience with SQL, you can implement that too.
If you want to learn something new while working on the project, then try any NoSQL DB like MongoDB who knows you might love it.
Also for future projects, you will be able to decide which DB will fit your needs.

Thanks for the reply biswaviraj! I decided to go with MySQL for now as it’s one of the big ones. I will definitely check out MongoDB as a NoSQL variant someday, just to have tried that as well.

After deciding this it was time to polish my Node.js skills in order to even get to connecting everything together, so that’s where my current focus is.

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Hi, it would be nice if you could provide more information about your problem. I use databases quite often in my work and maybe I can help you. Usually the problem with creating a database is precisely the need to obtain constantly updated sources of information. So that your database is constantly up-to-date and contains always updated data. I use a database of companies to analyze the market and get information about my competitors. With limited access to information, it becomes clear to me what the source of popularity is and how best to respond to this situation in order to outperform my competitors. Information is now a valuable resource, and great results can be achieved if used correctly.

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