Which database to use?

So i made a script using puppeteer with which one logs in to Instagram and the scripts makes an object for each person in my “followers” and “following” list and creates 3 other lists based on the people you follow without them following you back etc.
And i save in that object their username and their profile image. But now i wanna learn a few things on how to connect a database to this.
So the first time a user will run the program all those objects will be saved in the database.
And the second(and so on) time that they will run the program, it will compare those lists from the database with the new lists that are created each time they run the program.

My question is: since i don’t have any experience using databases or connecting one to a JS program. Which database should i use ? That will help me make this into a real project, it will help me understand databases and at the same time make my project look professional?