Feedback On Small Project

I’m working on a project, where you can store employee info into a database(yet), would love to get some feedback on it

I’m planning on storing the data on a database(I tried using cookies as storage :sweat_smile:, didn’t go well… ).

Furthermore, I’m hoping this project can help improve/learn more about DOM and JS.
As a beginner, what can use to store this data? (at no cost, if possible)

It’s important that data be clean and normalized (entered in the proper format). You don’t have any input validation. In html5 you get some of that for free. Then validation on the backend to do the same as well as keep out malicious code. I was able to input empty records, so your not checking the input. You also have an input of type mail, should be type email.

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Since you’re writing JavaScript, MongoDB is a common choice (it’s free, and you can have a local database on your computer or use a cluster in the cloud). But I think for a beginner it could be tricky to make it work. There’s a lot of tutorials on YT though, and the fCC curriculum teaches it too.

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:smile: thank you for the feedback.

well the data is put in objects to make it easier to access.

I’ll be adding input validation.

I was thinking of SQL and PHP or something that’s friendly for someone looking to work with databases. I’ll look into MongoDB.

thanks :smile:

There’s a fundamental difference between relational SQL databases (often with PHP backend) and rather free-style noSQL databases like MongoDB with NodeJS backend.

I’ve used both ways, and my personal experience is that SQL/PHP is the opposite of beginner-friendly and also extremely tedious, but it depends on what you already have learned. PHP experts might disagree.
I love MongoDB/NodeJS though, much easier to work with. If you decide for the latter, you might want to look into the MERN stack (or MEAN if you prefer Angular over React).

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