Advice Needed For Project


How is everyone doing?

Hopefully is all great!

I am actually in need of some advice for my final year project.

I got the topic “Tuition Database Management System”

Sample provided by my supervisor was using PHP and SQL, but it was dated some time back.

So I was thinking of using Javascript+HTML5+CSS3 with mongoDB to give it a more different look, but I am not sure if it is good combination.

I am open to suggestions and feedback.

Thank you in advance.

That is a current stack deployment, but I think the big questions will come down to what kind of data you will need. A lot of things actually need relational data, so using something like MongoDB makes it complicated (in my opinion). If you need multiple levels of table relationships I would look at some SQL databases, but you can still use JS, HTML, and CSS.

Well, so far, I need the data on tutors, staff, students, subject, location, classes to plan for the scheduling, registration, adding/delete/modify classes, something like that for the database portion.

Thank you for the advice on that, at least I can narrow down on the SQL part.

I imagine the data is quite relational so you may want to use a relational database. However, it definitely CAN be done in MongoDB so feel free to use what you are most comfortable with!