Project 5 Relational Databases I finished but I cannot enter the URL of github

I clicked contine but progress is not saved as other projects as like before.

Even though it accepts it as finished. Not letting me enter the URL.

Thank you for making this website.
I am currently advertising it all the time to my friends for them to start software…
One day I going to be here for helping others and not only that;
I am looking forward to find job to make donations here.
Because you all have made a history making here… :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

By the way here’s my CV website I built with;
React18.2(babel needed ofcourse! :smiley:) + SCSS + webpack + npm + react_markdown versions is in the package.json ,
thats why I was offline generally in may to august;

Thanks to;

  • Most !important for their courses was really helpful to go ahead further,
thanks for free books from {[
"React Book":  "Lifecycle in react and explanations of the  old version", 
"JavaScript Book": "A good documentation of Javascript if the student is offline" ]}
  • for trying JS+SCSS+BABEL codes online,
  • And webpack for short documentation of their bundling module; which at least took my 1 week :smiley:
  • Thanks to this Abstract guide of .SVG’s for Sara Soueidan
    (The documentation of SVG 1 and 2 was so confusing to look at. :smiley: and its really hard to find information fast in it because many knowledge taught at once…)
  • There is many more websites to say thanks but thanks. I will be here… :slight_smile:

have you tried following these steps?

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Thank you Ilenia. In the project I used some of those stuck solutions 2-3 times or so :smiley:
But the good news is I clicked the finish again today and I was able to enter the url. And now I have the certificate of it thanks :slight_smile:

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