Help me planning to build this website

Hi guys, i’m new to web developing i’ve just learned HTML and CSS.

right now i’m learning PHP and planning to learn MYSQL or any other database lang.

i want to build a website for a student’s association the website should include:

1-a forum

2-advertising section and somewhat a gallery for their work

3-database part i guess for the students results and grades (this is the difficult part for me i’ve never dealt with databases)

so my questions are

what do i need to accomplish this website (langs. + tool)?

what i should know this about kindda of website ?

are HTML and css is enouqh ?

i would more than happy i someone helped me by making a plan with me or supervising during my work

From my experience the most tricky parts are the backend which include the server, database and the hosting! In my bootcamp class everyone struggled the most when we got to servers and databases. MySQL was kind of tricky in my opinion. I liked MongoDb and Mongoose. What you are talking about building is bigger then the final project we had to do at the end of our bootcamp. In my opinion this is what it would take for you to do this. In about the order you would need it.

  • general understanding of git, GitBash is a great option to get started with.

  • learn how to use GitHub to host your repositories.

  • general understanding javascript

  • use npm Node in git because Node.js uses javascript logic to make the back end of your server.

  • general understanding of SQL, or an ability to read it and understand it when you see it.

  • learn how to set up a database, what ever type you use, like MongooDb/ Mongoose.

  • Something to manage your MongoDb if you use that option. I managed my MongoDb with the Robo 3T app

  • Find a good place to deploy to… like maybe Heroku, learn how to deploy there from your git repo.

If you want an easy way to use your CSS and HTML skills and create something a bit more custom then a Word Press blog might be your best bet. I made several word press blogs that got quite customized when I only knew HTML and a bit of CSS.

Best of Luck!

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Node in Git ? I have Node runtime installed and I have Git. but Node in Git ?


Thanks :heart: :heart: :heart: for the detailed answer
i will use your advice as a guideline
if you agree i would like you to supervise me if you have the experience needed i’ll just update you and you may give me advices if needed.

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@paulgureghian1 I have been using Node Modules, installed, and commands submitted through git.

@J3N0 If you have the tendency to understand code, like html and css, then you can learn more code, it just takes time and investment. This Free Code Camp is a great resource for you to get started, and these forums are very responsive. I am not able to take on any additional responsibility, so I can not mentor you, but if you want to code this is a great resource to learn it!