Help Needed Website Devlopment!

Hello Friends!

I am new here and just joined the camp & I am Google Rank Optimizer & want to learn to code & enhance my knowledge! So I just need your help. If I need to develop a full customize website using codes what codes I need to go through like HTML, PHP, Java & more…? I just wanted to save my time not to waste on the things which not required to develop a new website!

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

Thank You!

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Node [ES6]).
You don’t need PHP anymore (because Node let you use JavaScript for the server-side stuff).

Thanks for the sugestion !

One question which platform is more ++ to built a website php? or only html as you listed above. i have heard that these days php is most popular & can create good website with php like full customisation for future use and fetch-able to new technology! Like there is any pro or cons php or html which one will be good?

Your question is way too broad to be able to give you a good answer. It completely depends on what kind of website you’re developing. If you want to make a website that simply shows some information, pure HTML and CSS would be enough to achieve that goal. But if you want some interaction with your visitors, you’ll also need Javascript.

Now lets say you want to save data about your users. Allow them to register and login to your website perhaps? Then you’ll need a server side language like PHP or NodeJS. Which one you choose again depends on what you want to develop. Some languages are simply more suitable for certain tasks than other languages are.

Talking about saving data, you’re going to need some kind of medium to save that data to. A database for example. That’s where MySQL or any of the many other databases out there comes into view. Which, in case of MySQL, would require you to learn SQL.

So please, narrow down your question with more details about what exactly you want to create.

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Thanks Bjorno for the reply!

I wanted to develop fully function loaded website where saving data, online transactions & some tracking time functions & more…! So what things i will be in need to get that kind of fully function-able website! please list what things i need to go through during this process & how long it can take?

Again THANKFUL for your kind help!

In that case you’re going to have to learn a set of different languages. The best place to start is HTML, followed by CSS and Javascript. Those 3 are the basics that you’re going to need no matter what your future plans are for your website(s).

Once you know those 3 langauges, you’ll have a firm grasp of what’s ahead of you and that will allow you to make a more calculated decision about which language you want to learn next. Obviously the next step will be a server side language. Whether this is PHP or NodeJS is completely up to you. Logically, NodeJS would be a great choice as you already know Javascript. But if PHP peaks your interest, it’s definitely a good choice as well.

Now about how long it will take: Please don’t try to think in timetables. It completely depends on how much time you’re able to study each day and how fast you’re able to learn. Don’t expect to be able to do all of it in just one month. That’s just unrealistic. But within that month, again depending on how fast you’re able to learn, you could very well be capable of developing basic websites. If you’re a quick study, you could be developing the kind of website you want within 3 to 6 months. If not, it could take you 1, 2 maybe even 5 years before you get there.

Just remember that it’s not about how much progress you make every single day. It’s about making progress. Even when going slow, you’ll reach the finish line. Only when you stand still, nothing is gained.

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