Need help on moving up!

I feel fine with my skills in front end, although im still not that good at colors and page structuring, but i know i will develop my skills with that particular thing when i gain more experience… now im trying to level up and move on to backend…

I want this scenario to happen in my page :slight_smile:

1.) The webpage has a text input where user can write everything he/she wants

2.)After hitting the submit button, the input is then stored in a place somewhere only I can preview and my co Developers…

3.)After that, the input is then written inside a specific div (PERMANENTLY) and even i reload the page, the text is still inside the div, unless the user deletes it.

What specific language/languages, should i start learning, improving now? THanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :smile:

Have you completed all of the JavaScript challenges (Basic Javascript, Basic Algorithms, Intermediate Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms) and finished all the projects involving working with APIs? If so, then do a search on node.js and/or take a look at the Apis and Microservices section of the Beta site (

@RandellDawson sir moderator, Dont you think PHP will be a good start for me? since i always see it simple websites such as wordpress, but i agree node will be much easier since ive tackled it in some of my front end research

Sure. You can learn php if you like. You’ll still need JavaScript and a database.