Programming Languages

I have learned bit of html & css. I want to practice more by making a login system, but I am unsure what languages are used in this process. For example I can code a login form / registration form, but how would I store the data? What languages are used on the back end of this? I eventually want to make simple games where the users can come back and start where they left off but I dont know how to store data. What would you recommend language wise to learn?

If you’ve learned HTML and CSS, and you’re comfortable with the structure and design of page elements, you’ve got a great start!

Next step, it would seem, might be to work on the FCC javascript track. That will let you manipulate those HTML/CSS design elements, perform operations and calculations, talk to the back end, and do all the interactive bits that it seems you’re wanting the front end to do.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with that, which can take some time, then you have a few options to consider. Are you interested in learning another language in order to set up a back end (something like PHP or Ruby or Python), or would you prefer to build on the javascript you just learned (which would be something like Node.js)? Or would you prefer to minimize the back-end dealings, and work with a platform that will handle that for you? There are many “canned” back-end options, or things like Google’s FireBase, which bills itself as a “serverless back-end”.

I would definitely start with javascript. Learning a language like that, while it can be challenging, gives you a springboard into extending that knowledge further in that language, or opening doors into yet other languages.