I am new here friends. with which language should i start to be more comfortable to become a programmer

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What kind of programming do you want to do? If it is front end, HTML is the place to start.

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Although keep in mind that neither HTML or CSS (which goes along HTML) isn’t programming. One is a markup language (HTML), other is simply for styling things (CSS).
Programming comes after those two, namely Javascript. Don’t disregard the basics though, if you want to get into web development they’ll really come in handy.

If you’re not interested in web development, there are many other choices, for example:

  1. C++ or C# for game development
  2. Python for all sorts of things - servers, data science, machine learning/AI
  3. Mobile development - Java for Android, Swift for iOS
  4. Many more.

Keep in mind that they’re all very interchangable and can be used for many more purposes than listed. For example, python can also be used for game development or web development. C++ or Java can be used for creating servers, and so on.
Javascript which you’ll learn if you want to get into web development is also extremely flexible. It can be used for creating servers, machine learning, game development (not recommended), mobile and desktop apps development.

Just pick one and stick with it. I recommend Javascript and would advise you get into web development basics first (HTML and CSS).

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