Say Hello to HTML Elements MY FIRST TIME?!

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I dont know how to create hello world i put it in the middle and random letters form? Btw i have no clue and this is my first programming language. Im asking people who know this HTML language.

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First of all, HTML is a markup language not programming.

Second, I assume you need to write out Hello World, now it just says Hello. So by adding the word World in the h1 tags should make you pass.
h1 is a headline tag, and 1 is the largest of headlines.

Ok, if this isnt a programming langauge then do i go ahead and not do this? Im trying to learn how programming, or is it silimar?

Depends what you want to program. If you want to be a web developer you should atleast have basic understanding of the HTML syntax, there’s not that much to it.

JavaScript is a programming langugage, it interacts a lot with the HTML DOM, so they go quite hand in hand.

Oh ok, so you think i should learn HTML then move onto javascript?

I would do it in that order, in the JS course you will target HTML nodes and if you dont know HTML it can be confusing.

Im literally putting it in the h1 markings, but its not working. Can you type in the answer for me please, i dont want to give up on this as i know its possible for me. Thanks.

Btw im typing in my android so its alot more harder to do.

Can you be my tutor? Id be greatful if you would get me through this, who knows i could thank you in a nice way, lol

sometimes android/iOs puts extra spaces between stuff I think… could that be it?

Do you have to use a laptop or desktop?

It will be greatly adviced, the code editor is not optimised to work on mobile, I think it has also general issues trying to use it on touch screen only even wth a big enough screen (this is from personal experience at least).

If you can use it on desktop it would be much easier for you

Alright thanks dude, how do i follow you guys so i improve into more adanced things like new programming languages? I want to make a career out of this and ill be able to enjoy along as i learn. Can you message people personally on this website? Thanks.

Btw im learning on youtube with this one guy, hes better than any teacher at university, im assuming lol

This guy is top tier at teaching, his name is traversy media, you could learn as much as if you were paying for thousands in college.

Do you guys recommend once i learn HTML, Css, javascript, and other source codes languages i start university? Or at that point its usless? Because if i get a degree will my salary be more or about the same? Or will i waist my time at university earning the same salary even without my degree and more knowledge?? Thanks

It depends… if you find a job without a degree, at one point someone could tell you that they would love to give a promotion but that they can’t till you get a degree so they will encourage you to get that degree while working.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t become successful without a degree.
You can do what you want. Do you want a computer science degree? You can freelance on the side for some extra cash.
You could do a boot camp. Many things you can do. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that if this interests you as future career, you can’t stop learning.

Anyway, before deciding this is what you want to do for your life I suggest going a bit forward in the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, do the various projects to get the certificates and start learning back-end technologies. And a computer science course, like the Harvard CS50 course (available on edX or on the FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel)

Also, if you do a university course or not, when you go to search a job you will need to show what you can do, if you start building your portfolio now, you will have better chance later on.

Since you’re new to the HTML markup, I’ll explain what’s going on here.
that h1 in <these signs> means the text is Heading 1, the largest setting. Headings always take their own line (try putting 2 on the same line) and are much larger than paragraph elements (<p>). Anything in between the <h1> (opening tag) and </h1> (closing tag) will appear huge. I can help you out when I have spare time if necessary, reply back if you still need help.
Extra stuff:

  • There are actually 6 levels of headings, <h1></h1> through <h6>/</h6>.
  • Heading 6 is actually smaller than the normal sized text.

You can start by looking around there, if it helps.