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What is your question related to this challenge? It appears you have not changed the original code in the challenge. Do you not understand what the challenge is asking you to do? Or do you not know where to make the change the instructions are asking of you?

I’m really confused, i don’t really know how to start, though the explanation is not really clear to me. What should i do first? should i start coding at the text editor?

I do not know if you are using a mobile device or a desktop/lap top, but on a desktop, you will see something like the following layout.

The 2nd column contains the instructions and buttons near the bottom allow you to run tests to see if you have the correct code in the 3rd column (the editor). The 3rd column is the one you will type the code asked of you in the instructions. The 4th column (far right) is the result of the code in the editor after running the tests.

I just started on here with the HTML part. I was asked to change the word from Hello to Hello World. I done just that and hit run test but nothing happens after that. I’m not sure how to move along to the next steps. Please explain

Hey @j.viviano5,
Whenever you need help with any of the Freecodecamp challenges, use the “Ask For Help” button on your challenge page. It gives the link to the challenge as well as posts the code properly here on forum.

I have the same problem,i get the concept of the exercise,but how do we move to the next one?

I can use the editor but it doesn’t recognize I have completed the assignment.

I also have the same issue ! I cant wait for hours for running tests.

Try changing browser (try Firefox or google chrome / if you use one of these two try updating the browser or try the other one)

how did you get past it