Say Hello to HTML Elements hello world/ h1

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<h1>Hello</h1> no

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I don’t know how to key the brackets before hello world and aftef

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I have done exactly this and it will NOT accept my answer. What the hell! My test says:

<h 1>Hello World</h 1>
(without the spaces)

I am brand new to start coding and already, on the first challenge, the website doesn’t even work?

EDIT: Apparently the website doesn’t work properly in Microsoft Edge browser? I tried again in Chrome and it seems to work.

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I know right its hard​:grimacing::grimacing::rage::rage::angry::angry::poop::poop:

Its hard I just started today

hi babyprincess23m :upside_down_face:

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Hi can u help me with something😐

what’s up :upside_down_face:??

Wow, I know, that it’s complacated thing, does it bring you problems?